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The Moon Shala


Perfect for meditation:)

The Moon Shala is a sustainable cobb (straw bale and mud building) designed and built by natural builder extraordinaire Tom Rijven and his inspiring students and friends.  This wonderful organic structure is located in our olive grove with stunning views of rolling hills and a ruined monastery.

The Moon Shala contains Manduka mats and blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters for sixteen people, which it can hold comfortably.

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

Morning Practice

Beautiful murals grace the walls painted by well-known yoga artist, Terri Duan. The floor in the shala is made from local pine and the wooden high ceiling resembles the inner structure of an umbrella.

The atmosphere inside the shala feels very different from being inside a concrete or brick building. It is as if the building itself is a breathing, living organism.

We are in the process of creating a living garden of succulents and other plants on the roof of the Moon Shala.  After the heat of the summer, we will also be landscaping around the Shala



Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

”The project really came along so well. This is one of the nicest projects we have done.” – shares Tom Rijven about our new yoga Cob Yoga Hall.

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

Blessing the foundation of our Eco Yoga Hall!

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

Laying the foundation

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

Even after all this time the sun never said to the Earth ”You owe me!” Look what happends with a love like that, it lights up the whole world! – Hafiz

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

We were extremely lucky to have a great team of eco building specialist to work with.

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

The living roof is coming along now. It will take up to six months to have a fully living green roof on the top of the new yoga hall!

Yoga Retreat Centre Spain

Vidya & Rishi giving Paddy and assist:)

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