Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre

Yoga Retreat with Ruthie!

With Ruth Robertson

September 9, 2017 — September 16, 2017

image2-2Yoga retreat with Ruthie at the beautiful Suryalila retreat centre ! It’s such a beautiful place and you will have a week of pure yoga, downtime, fresh air, juices, AMAZING vegetarian/vegan food. This is the 4th time I have taken a group and have watched this place grow in popularity every year.

In September the weather is hot enough for a daily swim and sunbathing but cool enough to enjoy walks or runs.

The theme this year will be about Pratyahara this is the 5th limb o fthe 8 limbed path- ‘gaining mastery over external influences’ or ‘sense withdrawal’ – ‘withdrawal of the senses’.
There are a lot of media messages about how yoga can benefit your life and make you more flexible/more this and that, these messages perpetuate the idea that yoga is going to bring something else to your life if you wear the right clothes, eat the right food etc, this all assumes a change of some sort and infers that we are all lacking something that we will find in a handstand or in downward dog.This can lead the ‘average’ person in a yoga class to feel sort of inadequate about what they have, this is not limited to yoga but extends to many of the ‘well being practices’ that tell us to ‘be calm’ ‘spiritual’ ‘positive’ etc.  There is an idea that if we ‘try harder’ ‘are more spiritual’ we will be rewarded-society tells us try harder, be positive, work harder all this effort leads us to a tired place and no where new. It is not the message of yoga.

In clarity this retreat will emphasis the message of yoga – that we are image3-1enough, we have what we need,  there will be an exploration of the familiar in an unfamiliar way -but there will be a searching inside for what is already there – all the the yoga knowledge tells us we already have what we need- but we have to relate to it properly in order to understand our capabilities. This involves turning in from outside distractions not just looking inside but focusing with clarity on what is there.

Pratyahara means ‘sense withdrawal’ it is a turning in for knowledge a looking inside. A noticing, a deliberate turning to your self for answers.

If you are coming to this retreat you will be coming with a genuine want to explore a new perspective and looking to apply Yoga  as a system to your daily life.


AM – Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga – Vinyasa classes themed around the postures of Ashtanga sequence.

AM- Chanting/pranyama

Afternoon – Optional Yoga discussion

Or have time to do your own exercusion or activity eg: walk/partner work

Evening session

either – Yin or relaxing yoga

An opportunity to look at another ‘branch’ of the yoga method eg: breathing techniques, devotional, chanting.

Accommodation and Prices

8 bed dorm     £550

4 bed dorm     £570

triple bed yurt   £570pp

yurt shared double   £630pp

twin single occ   £800

twin shared pp   £690

double room with shared bath     £800

double with 2 people in     £650 pp

double private bath             £900

double priv bath shared     £765 ppaccommodation-web


All daily yoga and related  classes – herbal tea, coffee, water.

I have added £125 for teaching to the accommodation and food costs.

Not included

Flights and transfers (buddy up to make transfer cheaper)

Snacks from shop trip to spa optional

£200 deposit to save a place on the retreat

Full payment 4months before retreat.pleasex

15 spaces only.

please note NO refunds are possible up to four months before the retreat due to reservations and costs.