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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

The Frog Lotus Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course consists of three unique modules to make up an additional 300 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. This enables a teacher with an existing 200 Hour Training to be recognized at the 500 Hour Advanced level. 

The three different modules are Module Gita: Krishna, Module Gita: Arjuna (these are each one week long and will credit you with 75 hours of Advanced training) plus Module Sutra (two weeks long, which will credit you with 150 hours of training). These three modules may be taken in any order, over any amount of time. Each module is a distinct and comprehensive Module that covers different topics.

Upcoming Advanced YTT Modules

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course Module Gita: Arjuna (75 Hours Yoga Alliance Approved Certification Course)
November 18  –  November 25, 2017 / At Suryalila Retreat Centre with Vidya Heisel & Jennifer Yarro
Cost of Training

Topics Covered

  • Yoga Workshops and Intensive Classes
  • Teaching private Yoga Sessions
  • Teaching Workshops
  • Various Meditation Techniques
  • Philosophy Discussions on the Light on Life and The New Earth
  • Yoga Nidra: Practice and Teaching
  • Injury Prevention & Joint Stability
  • Hands-on Assisting for Asana
  • Structural Alignment & Advanced Cueing
  • Body Reading for Yoga Teachers
  • Integrating Thai Yoga Massage Skills

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course Module Gita: (Krishna Module 75 Hours Yoga Alliance Approved Certification Course)
14-21 April 2018 /At Suryalila Retreat Centre with Vidya Heisel & Jennifer Yarro
Cost of Training

Topics covered

  • Vinyasa Flow Thematic Classes
  • Various Meditation Techniques
  • Intelligent Sequencing for Vinyasa Flow Classes
  • Philosophy Lectures and Discussions on the Bhagavad Gita
  • Pranayama
  • Various Meditation Techniques
  • Embodied Anatomy in Action
  • Common Misalignments
  • Take your teaching of Vinyasa Flow to the next level
  • Integrating Kundalini Yoga into flow sequences
  • Making A Difference as a Leader in Your Community
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course Module Sutra

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course Module Sutra (150 hours Yoga Alliance Approved Certification Course)
3-17 December 2017 /At Sattva Retreat Centre in Rishikesh India with Vidya Heisel & Jennifer Yarro
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 500 Hour Yoga CertificationYoga Alliance Logo

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Modules can enable a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate attain a 500 hour Yoga Teacher status. There are only two levels of training currently recognised by Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance USA which are the 200 hour foundational level, which allows you to teach, and the 500 hour Advanced Yoga level, which gives you the status of a senior teacher. In order to be registered as a 500 hour Yoga Teacher you need to take an additional 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. You may choose take the 300 hours of Advanced training with the same school that certified you at the 200 hour level, or you may choose another Yoga school. The 300 hours cannot be patched together from different workshops; it needs to be a dedicated 300 hours of training with one school. Most schools break the 300 hours down into different modules.

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I’m really enjoying integrating all of the information and experiences of the training into my body, practice and classes. The lectures, discussions and workshops presented in the training were above and beyond my expectations and the resources we received have left me with so much more studying to explore as my understanding grows.  I find that I have come back to my “normal life” lighter- physically, emotionally and psychologically.  I feel a strength and ease in my body that allows me to move with more grace and awareness.  I am more consistently observing the world within and around me, and I am in awe of the mystery unfolding.  My dedication toward my personal practice has been stoked and the classes I teach have become more intelligent, safer and more creative.  I feel so much more confident and more devoted to inspiring others to enjoy the practice.  For all of this and so much more I am incredibly humbled and grateful especially to Vidya for creating an environment that challenges and nourishes teachers to excel without fear and I look forward to learning more from her as the training continues. – Lumina Kemp

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