Awakening Joy, Summer Solstice Yoga & Mindfulness retreat

Please join me for a uplifting energizing week of yoga, mindfulness,  walking, sunrise meditation and simply relaxing and having fun by the pool or strolling through the sunflower fields.
I have been teaching yoga as my full time job for over 10 years. I am qualified as a hatha yoga teacher, Kundalini Yoga teacher and I have a professional teacher training diploma in mindfulness.
My Classes are a combination of all my training and my life experience on and off the mat. I have a special interest in mental health and i combine some meditation into all my classes. A Yoga class is an opportunity to reconnect back to ones inner joy and ease while aligning and strengthening the body.
This weeks retreat at suryalila falls on summer solstice so it is a special time of the year. this is a time to embrace the summer sun have fun and relax and be in joy. This retreat will be a combination of energizing and relaxation practices.