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Fairy feeding the chickens

Our happy chickens


Patañjali gracefully strolling around the lawn

At Suryalila Retreat Centre, we have over 80 lucky chickens living in our fruit orchard, as well as a few peacocks, which wander freely around the grounds. The peacocks are friendly and curious, and sometimes a little startling with their strange honking! Our chickens provide us with delicious free-range eggs, and are probably the happiest poultry in Andalusia, since they happen to live in the fruit orchard of an all-vegetarian retreat centre and get to eat organic leftovers!

We also have 8 lovely, part-Andalusian horses living on our land. They belong to our friend Conny who runs a horse riding company, and you can book to go riding with Conny during your visit. See Yoga and Horseriding for more information about horseback riding excursions.




Rishi – toy poodle puppy and real live teddy bear!

 Extremely friendly, playful and good natured, he loves to chase a ball on the lawn! 

Suryalila Retreat Centre

Mary & Kumari (Rishies’s little sister)


Coco, Bowie, Habibi, our three alpacas, gracefully wandering in the fruit orchard guarding the chickens.

Coco, Bowie and Habibi, our three alpacas, gracefully wandering in the fruit orchard guarding the chickens. Soon you will be able to buy an alpaca scarf as once a year they will get sheared and we will use the wool to make scarfs for our Shakti Boutique.

Coco and Habibi gave birth in late May and our male Bowie is the dad:) Alpacas have an eleven month gestation period and only give birth to one cria (baby alpaca) at a time.


The lovely kids Ziggie and Joey

Suryalila Retreat Centre

Jasper is our grumpy miniature donkey who loves carrots.

He loves to get his nose rubbed but watch out that he doesn’t try to nip you.

Suryalila Retreat Centre Spain

Climbing Goats in the local village Prado Del Rey

These are the goats who supply us with cheese. You might meet them on a local hike. It is pretty exciting to see them climbing trees.


Manuel feeding our new little Canela…


Bringing Your Pet

Small chicks

Leela, Lidiya and a baby chick

Our guests sometimes ask if they can bring their pets with them during their stay. We love animals, but the Spanish countryside can be a dangerous environment for domestic pets and so we encourage you to leave yours safely at home.







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