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Day Trip to Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera – Flamenco, sherry & horses…

Hammam in Jerez de la Frontera


50 minutes from Suryalila you can find Jerez de la Frontera, hosting the closest airport to the retreat center.

Jerez and Sevilla are the heart of flamenco in Spain. It is also the andalusian center of horse training. Famous for its legendary sherry wine, one can find many bodegas to visit and learn about the culture and industry around winemaking.

It is an old and captivating city, a perfect place for a shopping trip and enchanting tourism. It also features a Hammam, a tradicional arabic bathing house that is visited by many of our guests.

As all important towns in the region, Jerez has its own cathedral and Alcázar, which show influences from arabic and christian architecture.

Many tourists never get the chance to visit Jerez because they focus on cities like Sevilla and Córdoba, but it is a classic Andalusian city and it is worth the visit.

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