Explore Cadiz

Cadiz is less than two hours from Suryalila Retreat Centre, which makes it a great day trip. Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was a centre of the Phoenician empire up to 3,000 years ago and then became the 3rd most important city in the Roman Empire. Later it became the city where Columbus left for the Americas and later still was the city where the first liberal constitution in Spain was written in 1812. Cadiz has a unique position, being situated at the end of a narrow peninsula of land, surrounded on all sides by water, leaving it vulnerable to the elements, especially the winds and storms in the winter.

In the summer, most of the city seems to move to the beautiful beaches that surround the old city and that continue in the newer parts of town. The atmosphere reminds one of a smaller Rio de Janeiro. The old city is unique in its charm, with typical narrow streets opening up to beautiful plazas. The cathedral is worth visiting and the vibrant culture and nightlife make Cadiz a great place to visit. It’s festivals and carnival are renowned and it has its own distinct form of upbeat flamenco.

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