Ronda – Stunning Views, Ancient Roman Bridges & Bullfighting!

Ronda is one of the most famous towns in Andalucia, just under one hour from Suryalila Retreat Centre. Similar to many towns in the region it is a fortified white town on a hill with stunning views and cliffs that was once a centre of Islamic culture. The old town is situated on the other side of a gorge, with a beautiful bridge connecting it with the newer part. Many travellers and writers have written about Ronda, most famously in the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway and Orsen Wells.

Both were enamoured with the culture and landscape and in particular Hemingway wrote about bullfighting. The ring is still used occasionally for bull fights, as well as being a site of tourist interest, with its lovely architecture. The history of Ronda can be traced back to the 9th century BCE, making it one of Spain’s oldest towns. Walking through the town and the old quarter and then taking the path into the gorge below gives one a good impression of this special town in Andalucia. Today it caters to many tourists who make a day trip up from Malaga and the coast.  Museums, shops and good restaurants abound for all tastes.

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