Suryalila will implement a strict protocol of security and hygiene measures, so that our customers, employees and suppliers can continue to enjoy all our services without worries.

Suryalila has been closely advised on hygiene, safety and social distancing measures by an officer from the Ministry of Health and is currently implementing all of these processes.

Among other measures, the cleaning plan will be reinforced in all our common areas and passageways. Cleaning and disinfection is one of the aspects on which more emphasis will be placed.

Prior to opening: An exhaustive cleaning and disinfection has been carried out.

Reception and common áreas including yoga shalas: Cleaning in common areas will be intensified. All objects and surfaces in passing areas such as stairway handrails, doorknobs, taps in shared toilets, etc shall be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.

People staying at Suryalila will find hydroalcoholic gel to be used in the common areas and inside the rooms.

Clients will receive all yoga equipment for personal use at their first yoga class. This will have been cleaned and disinfected. Guests will use only this equipment during their stay. It will not be touched by anyone else. Guests are also welcome to bring their own equipment if they prefer to use their own.

Special cleaning of the rooms. Between each check-in, the team will perform a deep cleaning, disinfecting all the surfaces of the room and steam-cleaning any rugs or cushions or other soft furnishings that cannot be washed. Special importance will be given to bathrooms, especially in all areas of frequent use.

Suryalila will follow all safety protocols to facilitate the social distancing required in the interaction with other people.

We will facilitate the movement of people within the rules of social distancing. In our dining room we will follow the safety distance between tables recommended by the Ministry of Health. In our Yoga Shalas, markings will be in place to guide the social distancing of yoga mats.

Social distancing will be observed at the poolside and in the pool itself.

There will be a limit of 12 people in the pool at any one time.

Sunbed mattresses will be sprayed with disinfectant after each use.

All crockery, cutlery and glass will be cleaned and disinfected.

The separation between tables will be to ensure the safety distance between diners. Disinfection of surfaces, tables and chairs is guaranteed between each occupation of table.

Meals will be served from behind a screen by one of our chefs. The napkins will be of single use. In addition, the kitchen staff will wear masks and gloves for extra protection.

Commonly used products such as salt and pepper shakers, oilers, etc. will be removed. Little packets will be available.

Protocols and personal protection material. We will intensify health and safety measures for our customers, employees and suppliers.

All Suryalila employees will be trained to implement the various health and safety protocols and to properly use the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by the company, following an occupational risk assessment in the context of COVID19. In addition, they will be encouraged to maintain social distancing standards and to invite customers and guests to do the same.