Donate To Plant Trees

Danyadara was born out of our strong desire to transform desert into productive ground using natural techniques and to share our story with a wider community to inspire others.

Danyadara is a not-for-profit permaculture project focused on land regeneration. Our goal is to reverse and mitigate desertification in Andalusia through sustainable agriculture techniques, creating a legacy that will inspire the region for years to come.

The name Danyadara is a simplification of two sanskrit words, Dhanya and Dhara.. together they mean Blessed Earth which fits perfectly with us.

Suryalila Retreat Centre


Suryalila Retreat Centre
We have planted about 300 shrubs, bushes and trees so far.

Donate To Plant Trees

*Every €10 allows us to plant one almond tree.
*Every €20 allows us to plant a pomegranate and a peach tree.
*Every €30 allows us to plant an almond, peach and apricot tree.
*Every €50 allows us to plant a peach, apricot, almond and a strawberry tree.

For all of us who travel and use cars and appliances, it is a small compensation to the planet to try to offset the damage to the environment we are causing, by attempting to plant as many trees as we can. Trees play a huge part in protecting our environment. We can help you do that!

Drought is a big problem in southern Spain and this whole beautiful area is threatened by desertification in the coming years, unless something can be done to reverse the process.

Our intention is to regenerate the soil and simultaneously plant hundreds of trees, shrubs and herbs to bring abundance back to our land. 

We have already begun this process on the main ridge, near the campsite and the Dome. We have employed a couple of permaculture wizards and with the help of enthusiastic volunteers, we are working hard on this reforesting project.

We are also planting trees as a windbreak around the vegetable garden and animal yard. There is a 7 hectare field which we have already keyline ploughed, where we will be planting a food forest over time.

With as little as 10 Euros we can plant a tree in your honour.

Please help us to regenerate this oasis of consciousness and natural beauty.

Go to Danudara website to discover more about the project!

Retreat Centre Spain
Our little fruit forest oasis: we have planted guarana fruit trees, surrounded by kale, lavender and rosemary