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Lotus Warrior Vinyasa Teacher Training

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After an amazing TTC last year, Green Lotus Yoga is back again in August to teach their 200 hr Lotus Warrior Vinyasa Training.

On this training you can expect to :

  • Develop your asana practice and your understanding of your body through yoga anatomy and alignment studies.
  • Develop your individual teaching voice, as an expression of your true self and learn how to teach yoga and share the gifts it has to offer safely and confidently.
  • Learn how to teach Vinyasa style Yoga.
  • Delve into the depths of subtle anatomy, learn healing meditations, myofascial release and energy balancing work.
  • Create deeper spiritual understanding in a life-connecting, non-dogmatic way through the study of the Yoga Sutras and an exploration of the major spiritual traditions in India.
  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda and the holistic aspects of the practice.
  • Learn the business side of yoga and how to operate as a teacher ethically and effectively.
  • You can also expect to work hard with the support of a group that wishes to evolve through the path of yoga like yourself. You will be challenged to journey deeper within, to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back from moving forward with your intentions and dreams. This is a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually demanding experience. It is both intense and wonderful. Expect to bend, sweat, ache, collapse, stand up, strengthen, open, cry and giggle. Expect also to move deeper into relationship with the core nature of who you are, to connect with your authentic self and to learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from that place.

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“What an experience ! Carol guided me to break boundaries – both mental and physical. Her teaching voice is compassionate yet authoritative, with the right amount of fun thrown in. She always strives to be ‘heart-ful’ in her teaching …. look her up. It may very well be the best thing you ever did.”

                                                              Leah Egan, yoga teacher and actress

 Green Lotus Yoga Teacher Training school was established in 2007 by Carol Murphy. Carol is teaching yoga 20 years and training teachers internationally for 10 years. She has graduated over 250 teachers from her trainings. She loves to travel and has taught yoga in London, California, India, South Africa, Morocco and Spain. She teaches Vinyasa style yoga as mindful, strengthening, slow, deep, breath-centred movement, creating various form and threads to keep her classes creative and alive. She is also very interested in structural yoga therapeutics and uses her background in Neuro-muscular therapy, Iyengar yoga and the work of Tom Myers to work with alignment and tension patterns in the body. Her work synthesis eastern and western approaches and always honours the heart and core essence of yoga.

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“Carol’s yoga teacher training intensive is just that; intensive. It is also a life changing. Carol has a wealth of knowledge and a deep love for the many and varied facets of yoga. Having spent years obtaining this knowledge, it is clear she has a desire to share it. This makes for fascinating insights into the world of yoga both on a practical level -with detailed anatomy lectures and on a spiritual/emotional level. 

She offers support but more importantly gives her students the tools to manage for themselves. Her training offers a safe exploration into the world of meditation and spirituality, where people are held and supported appropriately.

Carol’s morning classes were dynamic, fun and at times challenging. The flow from movement to movement powered by the breath makes for a beautiful practice. The technical classes were also excellent with clear breakdown of asanas and good instruction, including some helpful tips to master that new pose.

I have come away feeling confident in my ability to teach. Feeling rich with the knowledge I have been given and having made some special bonds. My own practice has improved and I have a clear understanding of the areas I need to work on and how and why.

Thank you…”

                 Jo Stephans, Spain TTC Intensive, Suryalila, Spain 2016 

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