“Mindfulness is a kind of energy that we generate when we bring our mind back to our body and get in touch with what is going on in the present moment, within us and around us. We become aware of our breathing and come home to our body, fully present for ourselves and whatever we are doing.

The energy of mindfulness helps us touch life deeply throughout the day, whether we’re brushing our teeth, washing the dishes, walking to work, eating a meal, or driving the car. We can be mindful while standing, walking or lying down; while speaking, listening, working, playing and cooking.” Thich Nhat hanh

During this week retreat we will experience the art of living the present moment, watering the wholesome seeds within us to find creative ways to generate the energy of mindfulness, peace, and happiness in everyday life.

 We invite you to join us and enjoy the benefits of breathing together, practice yoga, absorb the benefits of total relaxation sessions, walks in mindfulnees, connects with mother earth…. It is program designed to allow us to investigate life within and around us with eyes full of wisdom, love and compassion.

About Emilio

The return to live in nature led him to come into contact with what he considers his greatest teacher “mother earth” and to direct his focus towards something that had not been given much importance until then, his interior.

After graduating in Science of Physical Activity and Sports, Emilio began a period of introspection that led him to travel to India to train in Asthanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Thai massage, meditation and healing music. Since then he has continued to deepen his practices through the study and application of these in his daily life, a place where Emilio considers they hold great value for us.

Currently, with the motivation to carry out a life in accordance with the Dharma, Emilio is immersed in leading retreats to cultivate the understanding of the mind and the practice of mindfulness (the energy of awakening). Integrating knowledge of Buddhism, based on the inspiring teachings of the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, whom he considers his spiritual master. His wish is to share the practices of mindfulness; to convey the calm, happiness, love and joy that have been shared with him along his journey.

Along with his knowledge of conscious and health eating, his passion for vegetarian and vegan cooking, sustainable living and cultivation of the earth. He hopes to put this wide range of wonderful skills to use by serving others.


  • Ananda Laxmi Suite (Sole Occupancy): 902€
  • Ananda Laxmi Suite (shared): 752€ pp
  • Deluxe Double (Sole Occupancy): 792€
  • Deluxe Double (Shared): 695€ pp
  • Superior Double (Sole Occupancy): 717€
  • Superior Double (Shared): 597€
  • Twin: 627€ pp
  • Eco Casa (twin): 547€
  • mini dorm (4 people): 532€
  • Saraswati dorm (8 people) 502€