Relaxing in Our Pagodas and Hang Out Areas

At Suryalila Retreat Centre, we take relaxing to an artform. We have several lovely pagodas to hang out in, as well as a few hammocks under the olive trees and numerous artfully placed benches.

The new Moroccan Pavilion is our new favourite hangout area at Suryalila. It contains colourfully embroidered cushions from India, Guatemala and Bali as well as a Moroccan silver tray table. It is a great spot to relax, read a book, contemplate the expansive views, or watch the glorious Suryalila sunsets.

Suryalila Retreat Centre
Tony and Thea chilling out with a cold drink
Stunning views from Suryalila
Suryalila’s Stunning Views
Yoga Retreat Centre
Lovely team

The front pagoda is graceful and elegant and overlooks the vegetable garden and the glorious view of Bornos Lake.

The back pagoda is peaceful and also has lovely views over the ruined convent and rolling hills. Both pagodas have benches, lounging chairs and hammocks. They can also be cleared to create small Yoga spaces, with room enough for 5 mats.

The front pagoda was imported from Bali and works harmoniously with the Spanish cortijo style. Both pagodas are beautiful spaces for relaxing, reading, doing your own practice, chatting over a cup of tea or watching the sunset. They both have terracotta tiles.

Suryalila Retreat Centre
Night sky
Yoga Retreat Centre Spain
Having fun!
Chilling out
Chilling out
Yoga Retreat Centre Spain
Contemplating the sunset
Spanish Class