A deeply supportive and nourishing Yoga therapy retreat, offering participants a chance to completely slow down and re-connect with themselves.

Senior Yoga teacher Jess Hatchett will hold and guide participants on a yoga journey of self discovery. Jess blends traditional hatha yoga with somatics, restoratives, vinyasa and yoga therapy. Which gives her teaching a unique and exciting fresh feel. Her classes offer participants a chance to connect with ‘their yoga’ to practice yoga in refreshingly new way, tapping into our bodies deep reserves of strength, flow and confidence.

This retreat begins on the Saturday morning, and from then until Wednesday. There will be three yoga practices each day.

From the first Vinyasa practice in the morning we will establish a deep
connection with the breath, easing into unwinding, flowing and releasing
movements and wonderful moments of stillness. Practices that connect you
with yourself, and the beautiful world around you, to feel truly alive and
engaged. The morning practice will be before breakfast at 8 till 9.30. This will be energising, creative and stimulating to get your system going and help you develop strength, confidence and flexibility.

Then there will be a longer practice in the afternoon at around 3.30 till 6.30pm. This practice will have a therapeutic focus, working with traditional yoga practices to learn more about ourselves mentally and emotionally.

Then before bed there will be a restful restorative practice. This practice will be either yoga nidra, meditation or gentle somatic style moving practices, to deeply unwind stress and tension and help you relax for a deep sleep.

This retreat is suitable for all bodies and yoga abilities. There will be some
challenging practices at times but these will be taught in a way that everyone, no matter your experience can join in and take part.

If you are a yoga teacher or ‘advanced student’ with lots of experience, you
can expect to be challenged in ways that are not just physical. My love and
interests lie in the emotional and mental connection in a yoga practice. In
creating a wide and rich context for everything we do. So this retreat will be in part self development and enquiry into the ‘unconscious’ held in the body.

In some ways the more challenging aspects to a yoga retreat is the stopping
and resting, as we are all so used to going fast most of the time. So expect to
be challenged to rest, be still, be quiet and connect with yourself in a deep
and fascinating way.

Suryalila offer ‘hotel’ stays, so if you want to extend your stay at either end of this retreat, they will be happy to offer you a bed, three meals a day and a yoga class. Let me know if this would be of interest and I can put you in touch with their office to book your extra stay direct.

Accommodation is a choice of either private or sharing rooms in a number of different comfortable rooms or yurts.

Prices start at €750 all inclusive.

All prices include your accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals a day, all yoga
practices. (not included are flights and transfers, information and
recommendations below).

  • Deluxe Double ensuite in Kali house – single occupancy €1110 – A couple
  • sharing PP €965
  • Superior Double ensuite in Govinda house – single occupancy €965 – PPS €920
  • Twin sharing room with shared bathroom – PP €850
  • Twin sharing yurt with shared bathroom – PP €775
  • Twin yurt single occupancy – €900
  • Mini dorm with four single beds and shared bathroom – €750

Jess Hatchett

Registered senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Jess runs classes and a Teacher training school from her Beautiful Studio ‘Flow Yoga’ beside the river in Clonakilty in West Cork.

She holds regular retreats and workshops in Flow Yoga,
Dzogchen Beara(Buddhist retreat centre) and Suryalila in Spain. For nearly 18 years Jess has been teaching a rich and diverse mix of yoga disciplines.
Working with Theraputic Hatha, vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga, She has
developed her own unique style, establishing herself as one of the leading yoga teachers in Ireland.

In a Jess Hatchett class you can expect to meet yourself, your body and your
mind in a refreshingly deep and supported way. Yoga with Jess is a journey of self discovery. Her insightful, honest and in depth way of leading you into your body will help you to engage with your yoga practice in a new and truly meaningful way.

The body Mind connection is the driving force behind Jess’ work.
Jess’ no nonsense and down to earth approach allows you to relate yoga to your life as a whole. During her classes you will access inner supportive tools for emotional and physical health and resilience. Jess’ classes are interesting accessible and relevant no matter your level of ability and experience.

Lying in Savasana at the end of her class you will feel like you have had a massage, therapy session, yoga class and deep sleep, all in one!

I think the one word I would use to describe Jessica is ‘authentic’. I’ve been practising yoga with her for over 18 months and I feel that she genuinely believes in yoga as a method to enrich one’s life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having said that, she never portrays herself as an infallible ‘guru’ figure and is refreshingly honest about her own vulnerabilities. This combination of skillfulness, both as a teacher and a practitioner, and her openess about her own flaws, makes her both inspirational and relatable at the same time”. Louise O’Neill.