What do I really want in my life?

Finding Clarity on what you want in your life

A new retreat jewel is here: If the world and its challenging conditions are dragging you down, if you are stuck and look for clarity to untangle your thoughts, to become more clearheaded, focused and light to start some new beginnings, this retreat is for you. 

This very special yoga retreat on CLARITY at the summer solstice is offering you tools to find out what you really want and how to work towards it in various holistic ways. Self coaching and journaling, yoga practices that focus on focusing, learning from the ancient knowledge of yoga philosophy and mind clearing nature walks.

Clarity Tools to become clearheaded and satisfied

No matter where you feel stuck: if it´s feelings, relationships, bigger life plans or just finding more structure in your weeks… this CLARITY retreat can help you to become more clearheaded, effective instead of merely busy, focused instead of confused and satisfied instead of stressed. 

Become clearheaded, focused and satisfied

If you feel stuck in any way, or if you ask yourself how to really manifest your New Years resolution, this is where you start! And what would be a better place for this new beginnings than our „island of peace”, here in Suryalila. 

the island of peace, Suryalila grounds

And no, we won’t leave you alone with your new beginnings after you leave here: a specially designed diary-calendar to take back home will guide you through the whole year to come.

Upcoming Date

  • 18th to 22nd of June 2021 (stay longer and add some days of vitamin D and pure relaxation if you can)

The Clarity Yoga Retreat Includes:

  • A self coaching manual 
  • A special CLARITY DIARY (calendar) to take back home and to guide you and help you to stay organized and focused on your plans on a day-today basis throughout the whole year
  • Two yoga classes a day: dynamic classes in the mornings and restorative or yin yoga class in the evenings. Classes are adapted to suit all levels.
  • Set up your HOME PRACTICE: one of the most powerful tools to stay healthy and focused is learning and integrating your home practice, independent from yoga studios
  • Theory classes to support you finding out what you really want in your life or how to untangle your thoughts and become more organized and clearheaded
  • Theory classes about the ancient teachings of yoga (yes, they are full of up to date handy tips for finding more CLARITY)
  • Guided hike in our nearby Sierra de Grazalema with stunning views. Out in nature your mind can relax and you can begin your journey towards more CLARITY.
  • Four nights in our beautiful, cozy accommodation. Check out our accommodation gallery.
  • Three delicious organic vegetarian meals a day including tea and coffee at breakfast
  • Use of all the Suryalila facilities including free WiFi.
  • Extend your stay for 3 more days until the 9th of January and enjoy the tranquility of our paradise (ask for price, depending on accommodation type)
enjoy the most amazing sunsets in Suryalila
finding peace of mind and clarity by hiking in the Sierra de Grazalema

All Inclusive Price Per Person

*All prices include accommodation, three outstanding meals per day, yoga classes, workshops and manuals, your CLARITY calendar, a guided hike and the use of all facilities.

  • Van Life: come in your own van and use our facilities: € 400
  • Eco Casa or Yurt Twin (share with one other attendee, shared eco showers): € 530
  • Eco Casa or Yurt sole occupancy (shared eco showers): € 640
  • Mini dorm, shared bathroom: € 490
  • other accommodations (in the house) available on request 🙂

book or ask for more information here

cozy accommodations in Suryalila

Optional extras: Horse riding, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, fresh cold pressed juices and hot drinks from the Amrita Cafe, transfer from and to the airport.

Retreat Leader

Yoga Nomad Pia Herberg – Pia Lokah Yoga

Pia is a certified yoga teacher, an architect, a thai masseuse, a world traveler, adventuress, and lover of life. Born in Germany she is living to travel the world and to share her loving kindness to all beings. As a yoga nomad you can find her teaching on different retreat centers in Spain and Sri Lanka or preparing her own retreats. She loves to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa or Flow classes to experienced yogis, but what she loves even more is introducing new people to the world of yoga in an accommodating and non-judgmental way so you will feel completely at ease even if you can´t even sit straight. 

Since she did her first Clarity Yoga Retreat on the beginning of the year, her students are asking her to repeat this, so here is the new edition of it 🙂

Her background of many years of working as an architect in renowned offices and her insights of living yoga not only on the mat, but as a lifestyle has helped her to develop many tools of finding equanimity and focus. Pia considers her Dharma to be a teacher and to pass on as much of her kindness, compassion and knowledge as possible to help people in all kinds of life situations.

Read more about her bio here.

“Pia is such a generous teacher who truly understands the essence of Yoga. Each practice is prepared with great care and I came home with a better understanding of the different aspects of yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama and the asanas. Thank you Pia for your generosity. For showing knowledge, insight and your experience of yoga. I felt that each day you had carefully prepared our class and you made me feel so special and enlightened. Your passion is infectious and I will take so many aspects of your teachings back home. I wish you much happiness and many blessings in the years ahead.”

– Linda Blain, England

It was an outstanding week and you were at the centre of it, the heart of it, with your welcome, warmth, care and support throughout. Your teaching was magical – intelligent, informed, considered and delivered with love, compassion and understanding for each of us. Such attention and care delivered with grace, humility and ease. A great mind and a generous spirit –  I know you will continue to bring great joy and growth to all you meet. With love and gratitude, Pia, and every best wish for your brilliant future.

Christina Walker, England
Om Dome, sauna and yurts of Suryalila

Travel Arrangements

There are a few airport options close to us. The best airport to fly to is Seville (75 min away), then Jerez de la Frontera (50 min). Malaga is also an option (2 hours by transfer/car or 3 hours by bus).

Should you decide to travel by bus, we can send you the bus timetable closer to your arrival.

Otherwise, organise transfers from the airport to Suryalila. The cost from Seville is €90, from Jerez – €70 and from Malaga – €150. Usually we group people arriving at similar time together, so you can share the cost of the transfer. Alternatively, there are buses running to Villamartin from where we can pick you up. The cost of a pick up form Villamartin to Suryalila is €10.

See you soon on the Clarity Yoga Retreat in Suryalila * Pia

do your best and leave the rest to Ganesh