Coming from an impeccable lineage and endowed with 40 years of teaching experience in this age old tradition, James unveils this timeless knowledge with clarity, candour and humour.  He has become one of Vedanta’s most powerful voices for East and West alike.  His website is a major resource of non-dual wisdom and his best selling book ‘How to Attain Enlightenment’ has taken the spiritual world by storm.

During an interview a well-known modern teacher, now deceased, was asked for his “final” teaching and quickly changed the subject. The question itself reveals a common misconception: freedom is not an event; it is the nature of the Self. The belief that liberation from the thralldom of matter is a happening is based on the idea that reality is a duality, the world is an effect of a prior cause, and that a finite entity can produce actions that will generate a limitless result. In fact, reality is non-dual —appearances to the contrary notwithstanding—, a “world” only appears in the human mind, and the one self is already free. Therefore, The notion that enlightenment can be “attained” requires an appreciation of the truth that what exits but is not known can only be gained by knowledge, that knowledge requires an appropriate means and that ignorance of our limitlessness is difficult to remove. The belief that I am small, inadequate, limited and separate from everything cannot be permanently dismissed by a non-dual epiphany, the transmission of spiritual energy, or luck.

Known for millennia, the “final” teaching “I am ever-free limitless unborn non-dual ordinary awareness/existence/love” is a well-kept secret and will only reveal itself in its fulness when the ignorance that hides it behind beliefs and opinions of every ilk is systematically and rigorously assaulted with a complete teaching. Vedanta is a complete teaching. It explains the paths of love, action and knowledge with reference to our physical, psychological and spiritual selves. A proven scientific scripture-based tradition, it connects character to values and love and leads a disciplined inquirer from the listening to the reflecting and on to the assimilation phases of self- inquiry with quiet confidence.

The Yoga Classes during the retreat will be taught by Suryalila’s excellent on site Yoga teachers.

Retreat Timetable

  • 8/9.30 Optional Yoga Class
  • 9.30/10.30 Breakfast
  • 10.30/11.30 — Session 1
  • 11.30/12.00— Break
  • 12.00/1.00 — Session 2
  • 1:00/4:30 pm — Lunch, rest
  • 4:30-5:30 — Session 3
  • 5:30/6.00 — Break
  • 6.00/7.00 — Session 4
  • 7.00/8.00 Dinner

Cost for Accommodation

  • Big Dorm (8 people sharing): €1008
  • Mini Dorm (4 people): €1092
  • Yurt: (twin): €1148
  • Eco Casas (twin): €1148
  • Twin room (sharing with one other): €1400
  • Superior double (shared bathroom): single €1680/ two people sharing €1302 per person
  • Deluxe double (private bathroom): €1904 single/ two people sharing €1610 per person
  • Deluxe Suite (ensuite bathroom): €2240 single / two people sharing €1764  per person