Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre

Easter Retreat

with Erika Tourell

April 20, 2019 — April 27, 2019

ytt suryalila

Join Erika for seven nights of rejuvenation and nourishment at Suryalila.  Immerse yourself in the healing power and beauty of yoga, swimming in a salt water pool, walking in the beauty of Andalucian foothills and delicious, high vibration, home-grown organic food within a great community of heart-like family.

Erika has over twenty five years of yoga and bodywork experience.  She has been teaching in London’s top yoga centres for the last fifteen years as well as leading retreats all over the world.  Erika is passionate about natural healing and loves to hold the retreat space to offer a precious opportunity to people to experience, through yoga; movement and stillness, sound and silence, challenge and relaxation in a friendly and nurturing environment.  Erika is constantly inspired by the transformations that she has witnessed in the lives of people through the healing power of yoga.

Erika will offer around five hours of practice daily including a wide range of dynamic and restorative yoga, partner work,  pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, chanting of sanskrit mantras and some free ‘shakti’ dance. There will be one afternoon off for an excursion.  Flights to Seville, Malaga or Jerez. (Not included)


The week spent in the beautiful sunshine and warmest company was a truly wonderful experience. It was nourishing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The villa became like home and the care was total. To spend time with Erika was inspirational and allowed me to remember the freedom I had when I was a child. She really embodied the whole spirit of yoga and the week has left me in an excellent state with a strong desire to keep the practice alive. Thanks to all who took the journey with me and I for one am definitely going to return next year.
Catherine R, London.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting such a lovely week. It was very enjoyable and relaxing and I feel much more myself again after what’s been a pretty difficult couple of months. I’ve been on several yoga retreats and the two that I have done with you have definitely been the best. You have a talent for assessing the needs of the group and for showing sensitivity to the different approaches/attitudes of the individuals. Many yoga teachers impose what is obviously their standard approach without taking the views of the group into account and one either fits in with it or not. I think you do a wonderful job of both letting us get on with things the way we want to and coaxing us to try things we might never normally consider.

Jackie L, London.

Erika is a brilliant teacher, her classes are always varied and interesting; dynamic and yet gentle, physical and calm all at the same time. I still can’t put into words what she does but whatever it is, it’s magic and I feel blessed every time I sit, or stand, or lie on my mat and hear her voice.  I jumped at the chance to go on a retreat with her.  I can honestly say i returned  a new person.  I haven’t felt like this in years or after any other retreat and I have been on many. (I’ve been practicing yoga for over seventeen years). The selfish part of me, (it is a work in progress) is reluctant to let others know just how amazing she is as I’d like to keep her a secret, but as I progress on my yoga path I know I should spread the love so everyone out there can be taught by Erika.

Emma T,  Surrey

Erika is highly experienced in the full spectrum of yogic practices and in her classes she weaves a beautiful tapestry, moving seamlessly from one practice into another.  Erika is one of the most creative yoga teachers I have ever met.

Michelle L,  Devon

Please contact Erika at [email protected] for more information on prices and booking.

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About Erika

Erika’s eclectic style of teaching has evolved from a twenty five year immersion in several different schools of yoga and meditation including Vipassana, Iyengar, Astanga, Sivananda and Kundalini, studying with many of the world’s leading teachers. She has been teaching for over twenty years, practicing for thirty years, and is known for her openness, playfulness, and nurturing, soulful spirit.

Erika has a deeply intuitive and respectful understanding of the body/mind, and is deeply passionate about natural healing. She spent several years in Thailand, studying meditation, buddhism and shiatsu, before moving to India for a year to continue her studies of yoga, meditation and philosophy. For the last few years Erika has been immersed in shamanic healing and has also been studying daoist healing. Erika is also the head trainer for Bamford Spas and travels the world training spa therapists in the healing treatments for face and body that she designed to complement the natural, organic products.

Personally she is greatly inspired by; the Sun; her beloved family (Erika is mother of two daughters and has been married for almost twenty years), her friends; countless great teachers and masters, particularly Ramana Maharshi /Advaita Vedanta philosophy and Amritanandamayi Ma (Amma); the practice of yoga in its myriad of forms; music, singing, dancing and being in nature.