relax and restore retreat

Let the tension of these turbulent times melt away on this deeply restorative retreat led by international yoga teacher, stress relief expert and coach Ellen Aarts. Specifically designed to help you recover from fatigue and stress, you will restore your inner balance, recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, leaving you feeling grounded, relaxed and renewed.

Ellen’s retreat was the perfect antidote to a busy and crowded life. I found calm and created inner space through wonderfully curated meditations, yin and restorative yoga sessions, and a group hike in the beautiful nearby national park. Ellen made sure the whole group felt at ease, and instilled a sense of serenity from the start. Highly recommend this for anyone.

Simon, UK

© Photography by Josh Hiatt

Join our Relax and Restore retreat

The retreat will offer a lovingly curated mix of restorative practices, therapeutic holistic healing work, coaching and meditations, combined with plenty of relaxing ‘you’ time to leave the busy world behind.

This retreat offers you a space where you can just be.. and relax. A place of quiet time, where you can finally hear your self, experience the you behind the to-do lists, behind your work, behind all the daily stresses. It might be the big exhale you have been dreaming of.

For more information, prices and to book email [email protected]

Blissful daily yoga classes

During your stay you will be treated to mixture of rejuvenating Vinyasa Flow classes and daily extensive Yin and Restorative Yoga classes to help you find the equilibrium in body and mind.

Why is Yin and Restorative Yoga so good for you?

Yin yoga specifically targets the deep tissues of the body and stimulates the “rest and digest” response of your nervous system. It will naturally switch your “off” button, enabling an emotional state of openness and flow.

Restorative Yoga helps you to completely let go and to heal the body. Both yin yoga and restorative yoga will activate parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your body to recover from the often detrimental effects of stress and tension.

For more information, prices and to book email [email protected]

I participated in Ellen’s Relax & Restore Retreat in February 2019. The program was really wonderful and completely aligned with my expectations. The music she choose and use of different scents were a wonderful addition during our yoga sessions. I have been able to fully charge my batteries. RECOMMENDED

Kim S, Belgium

Bed Time Yoga Nidra and guided meditations

Come in your PJ’s to these soothing Yoga Nidra and guided meditation sessions held in our serene Om Dome and Meditation Garden for an evening bliss-out. The ancient practice of yoga nidra is one of the most effective ways to systematically release tension on all levels of the body and to prevent and cure psychosomatic illness stemming from tension and stress. This is a great natural cure for sleeping problems and enhances relaxation, creating a buffer of calmness before your bedtime. Just lie
down, relax and let yourself drift…

The Relax and Restore retreat with Ellen was terrific. A perfect balance of amazing morning yoga, interactive discussions and evening relaxation yoga, together with the wonderful food and surroundings at Suryalila. Massive thanks to Ellen for cultivating a warm, creative, fun and restful environment, and leading us on a very relaxing and soul-nourishing experience. Highly recommend Ellen’s retreat 🙂 

With love,

Dani, Canada

Get a Reiki Healing session or a one-on-one Coaching Session

Extra option: For a small extra fee you book yourself a deeply healing Reiki Session, a 1:1 Stress Relief Coaching Session.


Receive a therapeutic holistic Reiki session that will put you in a deep state of relaxation and boost your energetic system.


Gain a new perspective on life and retool yourself with a personal coaching session, equipping you with empowering life strategies.

When I went to Suryalila I was expecting to take a break in my hectic lifestyle where I can recharge, but little did I know that the retreat imparted by Ellen Aarts did not only replenish but also rebalance my mind, soul and body. Every morning we started with a different meditation,  we also practised restorative yoga, nidra yoga, and now my favourite, thanks to Ellen, yin yoga. We took a scenic path by a river in a National Park nearby. The weather was wonderful the whole stay.

I will repeat this retreat! 
Sonia, Rota (Spain)

Beautiful hikes in nature

Take a breather and enjoy the beautiful nature of Andalusia with a group hike.

Escape to the Majaceite river and enjoy a picnic surrounded by the regions stunning flora and fauna.

On the 7 day retreat, you will be treated to two hikes, one to the river and other to the stunning mountains of Grazalema where we will finish with a visit to a traditional ‘pueblo blanco’.

Dear Ellen, thanks for all of your heartfelt and beautiful teachings. I really needed the retreat to find my balance and journey into my centre, and you gave us such gentle yet strong guidance and support that I was able to fully relax and let go of stresses that had built up. I have somewhat let go of my personal yoga  practice in favour of strength and weights exercises (keeping me young as I am nearly 50!!) and am now reminded that it is as necessary for my mental and spiritual wellbeing as it is physical. I will always be glad to hear from you.

Janice, Liverpool

Media detox challenge

Optional practice for the brave ones! We invite you to our media detox challenge for the duration of your stay. Leave your phone and laptop in your bag and discover the magic of silence. A temporary disconnection from technology can empower you and give you the chance to connect with yourself and focus inward, rather than the outside world.

In November 2019 I attended Ellen’s Relax and Restore Week in Andalucia…..I (had) realised I needed to create a “fire break” in my busy life ….. and immerse myself in the truly wonderful environment created by Ellen. My advice: if you want to reset your holistic well being, start here.”

Michael, Dublin

And there is more..

With the breathtaking natural scenery, delicious and nutritious organic vegetarian food, free use of our facilities (comfy seating areas, salt water swimming pool, nature trails) and stunning sunsets, we assure you that you will have everything you need to relax, rejuvenate and restore at our rural sanctuary.

Retreat includes:

  • 3 organic delicious vegetarian meals a day
  • Free use of the facilities (salt water swimming pool, comfy lounge area, eco showers under the stars)
  • Daily therapeutic Yoga session – either Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga
  • Daily Vinyasa Flow classes in morning
  • 2 bed time Yoga Nidra sessions
  • Guided meditations in our Shala or Meditation Garden
  • Stress Buster Workshop
  • Hike (3 hours) through Grazalema Natural Park finishing in Grazalema town
  • Hike alongside the river in Grazalema Park and picnic

Additional option:

  • Deeply healing reiki Session or 1:1 Coaching Session
  • Therapeutic deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic, Thai or relaxation massage

Here’s what you can expect from a 7 day retreat. For more information, prices and to book email [email protected]

(Breakfast is served at 9.30, Lunch at 13.30 and Dinner at 19.00)

Arrival Day 1:
Arrival and introduction
17:00 – 19.00 – Yin yoga session to ground, arrive and land

Day 2:
Option to join Vinyasa Flow class in the morning
Morning mediation in Meditation Garden
17.00 – 19.00 – Restorative Yoga Class and sound healing
Sauna after dinner

Day 3:
Option to join Vinyasa Flow class in the morning
11.00 – 13.00 – Empowering workshop on Stress Buster techniques
Hike to Grazalema Natural Park after lunch

Day 4:
Day OFF, enjoy our pool, get a treatment, read a book: the day is yours
Optional: Evening meditation after dinner

Day 5:
Option to join our Vinyasa morning class
Hike alongside the gorgeous Majaceite River in Grazalema Natural Park (silent walk)
followed by picnic and a little ceremony in nature.
17.00 – 19.00 – Deeply Restorative Yoga Session
Dinner and Sauna

Day 6:
Option to join the Vinyasa morning class
Letting go meditation & ritual
17.00 – 19.00 – Yin Yoga class
Evening: Bed Time Yoga Nidra session, come in your pyjamas

Day 7:
8.00 – 9.30 – Morning Yin Yoga session and closing meditation
Lunch together and sharing
Afternoon Yoga Nidra Session
Free time
Departure Day 8:
Morning closing meditation & sharings

Prices inclusive of retreat activities, three organic vegetarian meals and use of the retreat facilities including saltwater pool, meditation garden and 50 acres of grounds filled with ancient olive groves and permaculture gardens.

Room typesPrice per person
Twin for one person1040 euros
Twin shared with two people900 euros
Eco casa solo occupancy774 euros
Twin shared with two people970 euros
Superior Double one person1040 euros
Superior Double shared with two people851 euros
Deluxe Double for one person1152 euros
Deluxe Double for two people1005 euros
Family Yurt for one person1110 euros
Triple Yurt (shared with two others)746 euros
Twin glamping tent for one person900 euros
Twin glamping tent shared with two people704 euros
Deluxe Suite for two people1082 euros

Meet your retreat host, Ellen Aarts

Meet Ellen Arts, your retreat leader, Yin yoga teacher and life coach

Ellen is an international yin yoga teacher, stress relief expert and coach.

Ellen is praised for her serene and calming presence, her down-to-earth approach on spirituality and her intuitive strength. Once a manager in a risk management company, a journalist and a high intensity Amsterdam girl, she now runs her own coaching and retreat business and dedicates herself and her service to sharing the true art of relaxation. 

Her work is based on professional and personal experience with stress & burnout and how to effectively manage it, reverse it and heal from it through stress management, lifestyle & holistic treatments. It is backed up with science & methods that really work to help you manage daily stresses
and leave like a new tooled-up human being.

For personal inquiries about the program or the schedule, any other questions for your retreat leader, please whatsapp Ellen at +31624677883. 

What do others say?

Amazing, really wonderful. Ellen’s retreat was very personal and varied. Ellen talks about the spiritual in a very down-to-earth way, that is quite special. I feel more in my body now, this retreat has helped me to feel again where I am in my life and in my body. What made the most impact on me (after I received a healing on that day from Ellen) was the yin class on Saturday in the Dome. It was really magical – and the whole group felt like that. I will really hold that memory in my heart.

I would recommend both this retreat and Ellen. The environment is fantastic, you really want to be at Suryalila, believe me : ). It’s beautiful. And I would definitely recommend Ellen as a retreat leader: she is so relaxed and so spontaneous at the same time. It is playful, never boring or dull and there is room for flexibility (sometimes the programme was adjusted slightly based on the groups’ energy etc). You can see that Ellen knows herself deeply and she radiates that to the whole group

Sophie F, The Netherlands

Ellen created a wonderful and relaxing programme filled with kindness. It taught me to be calm, listen to my body and most importantly to be present. I have become a lot more aware of what is good for me and my body and I try to apply these methods and ideas in my everyday life.

Ellie, Belgium