How can the art of storytelling help you find and express your soul’s purpose and re-align with its flow? Join us on this five day creative retreat filled with writing, yoga, meditation, art, music and movement to help you step into your power and create the blueprint of the life you really want

We all have stories to tell. Sharing stories is an intrinsic human characteristic. As one of our most ancient art forms, it’s our way of making sense of the world. 

Storytelling can be powerful, cathartic and healing. Stories can help us to process events and experiences, communicate our thoughts and feelings, and connect with others. They can also help crystalise and fuel our ambitions so that we may move towards our goals with a clear mind and confident stride.

However, often the stories we tell ourselves can hold us back in life. We can get caught up in limiting thought patterns and narratives, which can prevent us from expressing our authentic selves and leading the lives that our heart and soul truly desires. 

Furthermore, the challenging and de-stabilising events of the last couple of years may have caused many of us to start to re-assess our values and priorities, making our stories shift and change. 

There might be whispers in your mind, heart or gut asking you, ‘are you living the life you really want? Can you do things differently? Is it time to make a change?’ 

If this is resonating with you, then this self-exploratory retreat filled with carefully woven workshops and classes from thought-provoking writing prompts and juicy vinyasa flow yoga to meditation and story scripting could be just what you need.

Through fun and playful storytelling practises held in a safe, stunningly beautiful and relaxing natural environment, you’ll learn to chisel away these self limiting beliefs, tune into your innate wisdom and create space for an inspiring new chapter to unfold in your life.

By harnessing the power of writing not as an art-form or technical skill but a tool for self-expression, you are invited on an adventure to distill the essence of who you are and what it is you want to manifest in your life.

As you embark on this soulful journey, you will be nurtured and supported by all the exquisite facilities Suryalila has to offer – delicious organic vegetarian food, refreshing dips in the saltwater pool, panoramic views of the surrounding olive groves, sunbathing in peaceful gardens and a dazzling night sky after soaking up the glorious Andalusian sunsets.

Soul Expression: A Storytelling Retreat 

With Amisha & Thalien

26-30th June

Day one: Sunday 26th June  

3.00pm: Arrivals

5.30pm: ‘Power of poetry’ Restorative Yoga Class 

7.00pm: Dinner 

8.30pm: Hellos and sharing circle 

Day two: Monday 27th June 

8.00am: Nourishing Vinyasa Flow Class 

9.30am: Breakfast 

11.30am: ‘Write and release’ workshop

1.30pm: Lunch 

5.30pm – 7pm: ‘Holding space’ practise 

7pm: Dinner 

8.30pm: Metta Meditation in Garden of Stillness

Day three: Tuesday 28th June 

8.00am: ‘Twist It Out’ Vinyasa Flow Class 

9.30am: Breakfast 

11.00am – 1.30pm: ‘Let it go and flow’ River walk 

1.30pm: Lunch 

5.00pm – 7.00pm: ‘Finding your purpose’ story scripting workshop 

7.00pm: Dinner 

8.30pm: Soothing New Moon Bedtime Story Yoga Nidra 

Day four: Wednesday 29th June 

8.00am: Revitalising Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class 

11.30 – 1.30pm: ‘Create Your Vision’ Art Workshop 

9.30am: Breakfast 

1.30pm: Lunch 

5.30pm – 7.00pm: ‘Restore and Write’ Yoga Class

7.00pm: Dinner 

8.30pm: ‘Embrace your voice’ Celebratory Kirtan 

Day five: Thursday 30th June 

8.00am: ‘Heart-opening’ Yoga Class

9.30am: Breakfast 

11.30am: ‘Let a new chapter begin’ closing circle

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Meet your retreat hosts

Amisha: Storyteller, Author, Retreat Host, Yoga Teacher, Suryalila Guest Services, Life Enthusiast  

Amisha first discovered the powers of storytelling twenty years ago when she started working as a journalist specialising in real life storytelling. As a writer, editor and producer working for the UK’s leading media, she interviewed hundreds of people and covered all aspects of life. Some stories were deeply tragic, others were incredibly inspiring – many shocked to the core. But, there was a common thread that ran throughout: Nearly everyone that Amisha interviewed said that sharing their story had helped them in some way. Common words used to describe the process were ‘cathartic’, ‘healing’, ‘therapeutic’, ‘liberating’ and ‘empowering’. Three years ago, Amisha embarked on her biggest writing project to date. She ghostwrote the Amazon-bestselling memoir – What Makes Us Stronger – the powerful true life story of Manchester Bomb Survivor Freya Lewis (out in paperback May 12th). Freya suffered catastrophic injuries in the attack and tragically lost her best friend, Nell. Amisha spent hours interviewing Freya about her experiences, and time and again, Freya said that talking was her therapy. It was an incredible story of survival, with a key message at its heart – to make the most of each day. Through helping Freya to release her story into the world, Amisha began to realise that her own stressful London life was no longer serving her. Having gone through a divorce, redundancy and freelancing at breakneck speed, she was teetering on the edge of burn out. With her mind, body and soul telling her to slow down, Amisha followed her intuition by turning down a job at a top newspaper, and volunteering at Suryalila Retreat Centre instead. It was the best decision she ever made. Through learning self-healing practises such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness combined with the deeply restorative powers of writing and journaling, Amisha nurtured an inner resilience and began to heal. Her stress and anxiety melted away, her health problems disappeared and she started to feel an immense gratitude for life. Now, Amisha, a certified yoga teacher, lives and works at Suryalila helping people to feel elevated, empowered and nurtured. During ‘Soul Expression: A Storytelling Retreat’, Amisha will combine her 20-years experience in cathartic real life storytelling with the creative practises which have helped her on her own healing journey, to create a safe space from the heart where you can express your authentic self, release negative thoughts and learn the tools to help you lead a joyful life.

Thalien: Editor, Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, Musician, and Vanlife Vagabond

Meet Thalien! Raised by Dutch/Armenian parents in a remote Italian village turned long term Dutch-city-dweller turned European wild camper, she has always mingled and fused with a multitude of different cultures and people from all walks of life. All these stories, both her own and those she encountered on the way, in addition to her wide range of interests and eclectic collection of past and current jobs have made her who she is today: A vanlife vagabond, yoga teacher, Thai massage therapist, editor, polyglot, musician, but more than anything a free spirited story stacker and soul-searching enthusiast. Seeking out new experiences while guided by her three core values – connection, freedom and purpose – has led her to a soulful life infused with joy and meaning. Her viewpoint: Living life to the fullest means sensing and expressing every emotion in its entirety. This is how we empower ourselves to understand first of all what it is we want, and then go after it. This is how we get familiar and eventually receptive to every beautiful dark cranny and crease of our psyche. Of course this includes those feelings we rather avoid like loneliness, insecurity, lack of purpose and generally feeling a bit lost or stuck. But how to hold space for yourself in your lesser moments? How do you get free and (re)connect? How is self-expression through storytelling, music and movement an invaluable tool in finding and aligning yourself with your higher purpose? All these questions became particularly urgent for Thalien when she went through a depression in her early twenties, and have continued to fascinate and motivate her ever since. Life at 38 is better than ever, and she can’t wait to share her accumulated experience, knowledge, tools and resources with you. By the way, it’s easy to tell if Thalien is nearby: she’s usually singing.

Salt Water Pool at sunset

Accommodation & Prices

The all inclusive package prices below include four nights accommodation in beautiful boutique accommodation options, all the retreat activities, three delicious organic vegetarian meals a day and use of the nourishing facilities at Suryalila including refreshing saltwater pool, beautiful meditation garden and expansive grounds flourishing with flowers and orange trees

Vanlife – for one person: 596pp

Glamping Tent – for two people: 662pp

Glamping Tent – solo occupancy: 750pp 

Twin yurt – shared: 678pp

Twin yurt – solo occupancy: 790pp

Eco Casa Soma (double bed) – shared: 678pp

Eco Casa Soma (double bed) – solo occupancy: 790pp

Tara Superior Twin room (bathroom shared with one other room) – shared: 750pp

Tara Superior Twin room (bathroom shared with one other room) – solo occupancy: 830pp

Tara Deluxe (double bed, private bathroom, not ensuite, use of communal living room and kitchen) – shared: 810pp

Tara Deluxe (double bed, private bathroom, not ensuite, use of communal living room and kitchen) – solo occupancy: 894pp

Ganesha Deluxe (double bed, ensuite bathroom) – shared: 810pp

Ganesha Deluxe (double bed, ensuite bathroom) – solo occupancy: 894pp

For more information and to book email [email protected] or [email protected]