Learn to touch, feel, be still and heal. 

Catia describes Thai Massage as “a fascinating and creative spiritual dance, with a powerful element of surrender, which benefits both the receiver and the giver”.

Join Catia for this 45 hour course – An introduction to Thai Massage and the ‘The Art of Touch’.

At a time when touch is so limited, it is even more important that we learn to touch with mindfulness and a sense of sacredness. It is a moment when humans are in need of healing touch more than ever, making this an invaluable course on both a professional and on a personal level.

This course is open for anyone to join, with any level of massage experience. It is particularly recommended for yoga or movement professionals who are keen to learn more about the art of touch particularly when it comes to approaching and assisting students in your classes. Learning the art of touch will help to build your confidence in knowing how and where to touch a body. As you connect to the sensitivity of your hands you will also develop a deeper awareness of how to feel, listen and heal through touch.

The course covers the principles and foundations of Thai massage, and then integrates them with the different modalities Catia has trained in and practiced over many years. Along with Thai Massage, Catia will also share basic concepts from Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology, Herbalism, and Osteopathy, which you will learn to weave together into a comprehensive and holistic offering.

On completion of this course you will be certified with 45 hours of Thai Massage training – a foundation for you to start your practice as a Thai Massage therapist, to use your new skills of healing touch for assisting students in class, or to simply give loving, mindful touch to family and friends. 

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Saturday 22nd May start at 3pm – 29th May end at 4pm


Saturday 22nd May

3pm – 7pm Arrival and welcome class

Sunday 23rd – Friday 28th May

8:00am – 8:30am – 30 mins meditation 

8.30am – 10.00am – 1.5 hr yoga class

10am – 11am – brunch

11.00am – 2.30pm – morning session

2.30pm – 3.15pm – 45 minute break

3.15pm – 5.15pm – afternoon Session

5.30pm – 7pm – dinner

7.00pm – free time

Some evenings there will be activities offered – TBC

Saturday 29th May

8.30am – 10.00am – 1.5 hr yoga class

10am – 11am – brunch

11am – 4pm – final class

4pm – finish


Full Cost

These prices include full board (accommodation and two meals a day), tuition fee for the course and the use of the retreat center facilities.

  • Mini Dorm: €926 (share with three other attendees of the same sex)
  • Twin: €1045 (share with one other attendee)
  • Eco Casa Twin (share with one other attendee): €947
  • Superior Double (shared bathroom): €1157 single occupancy
  • Deluxe Double (private bathroom): €1255 single occupancy | for two people €1129 p/p
  • Deluxe Suite for two people: €1192 p/p

For more information and to book your place email [email protected]


Catia describes Thai Massage as “a fascinating and creative spiritual dance, with a powerful element of surrender, which benefits both the receiver and the giver”.

Catia has held a degree in Occupational Therapy since 2005, where she started on her path as a healer, treating neurological disorders. During her study and work as an Occupational Therapist, she felt there was a lack of body-mind connection and that the treatments were mainly superficial and body oriented. This motivated her to look deeper and inspired her to  want to also heal the energetic and emotional layers of the body. Through the practice of Thai Yoga Massage she found the depth that she was looking for.

Cátia had her first contact with the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga Massage in 2010, in Thailand through the well known Sunshine Network. After 3 years of training, including several additional courses in Thailand, India, Germany and Greece, she became a Thai Massage practitioner in 2013. Catia fell in love with the various physical and spiritual elements of Thai Massage which led her to return to India and Thailand on various trips to further improve her techniques and understanding. She feels blessed for having had the good fortune to learn from so many great teachers and develop her own practice.

During her time in Asia, Cátia also studied Advanced Dynamic Osteothai, Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics,Tok Sen, Moxibustion Therapy, Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Hatha yoga and Yin Taoism based Yoga. Integrating this knowledge into her therapeutic foundation, her treatments work holistically to restore peace and equilibrium. The body’s energy systems are nurtured and harmonised, promoting a powerful sense of wellbeing. Cátia is renowned for her kind and loving presence, her sense of intuition, sensitivity and gentle touch, and her deep trust in life.

If you have any questions, Whatsapp Catia on +34644216561. To book your place email [email protected]


With its beautifully decorated rooms, stunning rural setting, salt water pool and nourishing meals, Suryalila is a relaxing escape in the heart of Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Accommodation Suryalila Retreat Centre

Suryalila’s world-class kitchen team will be treating you with lovingly prepared organic vegetarian meals made from seasonal ingredients, many of which are grown on our own farm.

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